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Gourmet Farms is a wholly owned subsidiary of Escaler & Company Inc., a Manila-based Filipino corporation that provides management consultancy to its own companies and its clients. Headed by visionary entrepreneur, Mr. Ernest de Leon Escaler, GFI has earned prestigious international SGS certification and continues to contribute largely to the responsible and healthy growth of coffee, herbal teas and organic produce in the Philippines today.

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Coffee and Hydration: The Truth Behind the Cup

There are rumors that you shouldn't drink coffee when you’re exercising or that moderate coffee consumption causes dehydration. We’re not really sure how this all started but we’re going to dig deep and find out; is this true or just another myth? Keep on reading to find out!

Well, according to the findings of a new study, this claim is false!

Researchers at the University of Birmingham in the U.K. studied the fluid levels of 50 men who had a habit of consuming about three to six cups of coffee each day.


Photo from: http://goo.gl/rpyE38


In order to compare the hydrating effects of coffee and water on these men, each participant had to complete two stages. In the first stage, they drank coffee as their main source of hydration; about 4 mugs of black coffee a day for 3 days. On the second stage, the participants went off coffee and drank equal amounts of water.

The study of the effect of coffee, and caffeine, on fluid balance can be split into two distinct areas: caffeine intake during exercise and caffeine intake at rest in the general population. The research shows that moderate caffeine consumption does not lead to dehydration in the general population. Also concluded is that during exercise, caffeine is beneficial for endurance performance and does not contribute to dehydration.

The mild, short-term diuretic effect of caffeine is not strong enough to counter-balance the benefits of fluid intake from coffee drinking. After all, black coffee contains more than 95% water.

If you want to know more about this study, check out our sources:
1. http://goo.gl/5UbsFm
2. http://goo.gl/a8xW8g
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The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary at Gourmet Farms is a sacred space, thoughtfully designed to nurture both the spiritual growth and general wellness of its guests. It is a half hectare exquisitely landscaped compound which is comprised of a guest house, a chapel, a conference center and an outdoor pavilion. Indeed, this is a place for meditation and reflection as well as the appreciation of the beauty of nature.
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Tuesday, September 17 2013
Gourmet Chocolate Coffee Beans
Tuesday, July 02 2013

Looking for gourmet desserts shouldn’t be that hard. Just like this very simple recipe that we found. This is a totally new way of enjoying two of our favorites, coffee and chocolates. Warning! This could taste heavenly and be extremely addicting.



Homemade Coffee Fudge
Thursday, June 27 2013



Admit it. We all like to indulge every once in a while on something soft, sweet and rich. Now, this coffee fudge is something you should definitely try. This could be a simple yet very nice treat for somebody who loves coffee and chocolates. You can enjoy these little munchkins on your own. If you’re feeling generous, share them with friends or put them in some nice packaging as gifts. Follow these very easy steps to create your own dessert. In fact, you can put your own twist to it, like by adding berries or nuts to your concoction!

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